The Terms and Conditions listed below apply to all Greece: Mainland and Island.

Rental period
Minimum rental period is 1 day (24h) with acceptable length delay of 1 hour. Any further delay is charged as an extra day.

Driver's age and driving license
Minimum age 23 years and maximum 70 years for all car groups. Driving license must be issued at least 1 year before rental start. Driver must hold a valid European (for EU countries) or International (for countries that don’t belong to EU) driving license.

Vehicle delivery and collection
Delivery or collection of the cars at Drive Rent a Car offices, Thessaloniki Airport, Ioannina Airport, Santorini Airport and Aktion Airport is free.
Other locations in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Pieria are charged extra with 20€. Other locations in Lefkas, Halkidiki and Santorini are charged extra with 25€. Locations with a distance over 40kms from nearest Drive Rent a Car office can be arranged on request with a charge of 0.50€/km (minimum charge 35€).
Any delivery or collection from 21:01 to 7:59 has an extra charge of 24€.

Insurance policy and liability amounts
Third party insurance covers: a. Death and injury of third party up to 1.000.000€, b. Material damages to third parties up to 1.000.000€. - excluding the car of Drive Rent a Car.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):
Limits the renter's responsibility for car damage to 930€ for car groups A1, A, AA, B1, B, BA, C, CD, V, to 1.302€ for car groups D, DD, DA, E, H, G1, G and to 1.860€ for car groups F1, F, R1, R, K, V1, V2. This insurance does not cover damages on the bottom part of car (underbody), the wheels, tires, hubcaps, antenna, the mirrors and the interior.

Theft Waiver (TW): Minimizes liability for car theft at 930€ for car groups A1, A, AA, B1, B, BA, C, CD, V, 1.302€ for car groups D, DD, DA, E, H, G1, G and 1.860€ for car groups F1, F, R1, R, K, V1, V2. The renter is not covered in case of theft caused by negligence (eg when left the car unlocked or with the key in the ignition switch). Theft Waiver has an extra cost per day.

Full Damage Waiver (FDW): Zero or limited liability amount for car damage. Liability amount is reduced to 0€ for categories A1, A, AA, B1, B, BA, C, CD, V, to 248€ for categories D, DD, DA, E, H, G1, G and to 558€ for categories F1, F, R1, R, K, V1, V2, V2. FDW insurance does not cover damages on the bottom part of car, the wheels, hubcaps and tires. FDW insurance has an extra cost per day.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI):
Covers the driver up to the sum of 15.000€ for death, total or partial disability and 1.000€ for hospital expenses. This insurance has an extra cost per day.

No insurance coverage is not valid:
•    when transporting the vehicle by ferry
•    if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
•    for damages caused by driving on unpaved roads
•    for damage on the bottom part, wheels, hubcaps, tires, mirrors, antenna, glass and interior
•    for loss of personal belongings
•    for accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease contract
•    for loss or damage of the vehicle key
•    for loss or destruction of Navi GPS device, child seats, snow chains or other additional equipment

The cost of damage or loss of the car is paid even if the tenant is insured by a credit card or other insurance company. In this case, the tenant is obliged to pay the entire vehicle repair or replacement costs and then ask for a refund from the credit card or another insurance provider.


Car rental guarantee
In order to rent a car a credit card is always required (Visa, Master Card, Amex), even if the payment will be in cash. Drive Rent a Car will Pre-Authorize the responsibility amount until the end of the rental period.

Additional driver
In a car rental only the driver is covered by all above insurances. If other drivers are going to drive the rented vehicle they must be declared in the lease contract at the start of the rental period. Required documents are identity card or passport and a valid driving license. The additional driver service is charged per day.

On request are available equipment like Baby Seats, Snow Chains and GPS Navi with a charge per day (maximum charge 10 days). They should be mentioned in the reservation.

Fuel policy
Fuel is measured in 8ths. All cars they should be returned with the same quantity of fuel in the tank as on delivery. If the car is returned with less fuel, there is a charge of 12€ for refuel service plus the cost of the missing fuel. Fuel left in the tank is not refundable

Transportation by Ferry boats
Authorization from Drive Rent a Car is required and has a charge of 20€ per direction

The cars are not allowed to be used for: Driving outside the Greek borders, driving off-road, carrying heavy objects or bad use in general. Vehicles returned in bad condition and with extremely dirty interior (e.g food stains, coffee, etc.) will be charged for special cleaning with cost up to 98€.

Administrative expenses
In case of an accident, there is a non-refundable fee of 62.00€ in order to cover the administrative expenses.

Traffic violations
The renter assumes full responsibility for traffic violations and pays the respective fines. In case that the renter will not pay the fine, Drive Rent a Car will charge the fine cost plus administrative expenses.

Ways of payment
The rent can be paid by credit card, debit card or prepaid card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners), by cash, bank transfer or PayPal at least 48 hours before the start of the rental period. To complete a booking a deposit is required equal to 15% of total rental rate.
Regardless of payment a credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is required for guarantee. DRIVE Rent a Car will pre-authorize the liability amount until the end of the rental period.

Booking cancellation
In case of cancellation up to 15 days before departure date, the full amount of the deposit is refundable. In case of cancellation within the period of 15 days prior to departure the deposit is not refundable.

Rental agreement
During receipt of the vehicle a rental agreement is signed and contains the above terms and conditions.

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